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Update on the Tornado

Wadena has a population of 4300, which is so very small, but it sounds even more in the middle of nowhere when I mention that it is the biggest town in a forty-five mile radius. I couldn't wait to leave town when I graduated and never look back. Well, a natural disaster taking out a good portion of the town will instill a bit of hometown pride or so I've found out. I've never wanted my hometown to make national news in this way. It hurt to look at the destruction and realize how close my sister was to the worse of it (the only reason they didn't get a tree through their place was because a power line was holding it up) and in that part of the city she had to get a pass to be able to travel in and out of her home and neighborhood. I look at my parents' place (on the opposite side of town) and see how it went right through their backyard and took out neighboring houses less than a half mile away. I look at the woman who's been like a second mother all my life and I'm helping her sort through the wreckage of her home and all I can think about is how lucky everyone is and how encompassing the storms were as each of these places that are nowhere near each other.

I can't believe the number of volunteers that have come forward to help. Moving out trees (and how sad I am to realize there is literally no trees left in a whole corner of town...old, old trees just gone) and then moving onto what is help of hundreds of homes and businesses. I know personally people who have no ties to anybody in that area yet they're spending their free time helping. So far they've had if not enough volunteers too many and that warms my heart to think that so many people actually care. Also, many who can't help have donated things that the workers need and things that families who are affected need. I cry looking at what happened, but that's offset by the fact how grateful I am to so many who care.

I spent a couple of days helping and I'm thinking of going back tomorrow, because it's suppose to be the big day of clean-up called WoW (Workers of Wadena). My oldest sister will also be in town with her family (parents were suppose to visit her, but they really can't at the moment, so they're coming to see them instead) and it would be nice to have all three of my sisters and their families together.


Oh, my goodness! I completely missed this story!

The picture and info in there pretty much sums things up.