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Mag-Creepy Eyes

Material Things Can Be Replaced, But It Still Hurts

I'm trying to keep it together, but I don't think I can stop shaking...I haven't since I logged onto Facebook and read all the posts. I didn't even know I cared that much about my hometown, but around five pm a tornado ran through it causing so much destruction. No one is dead (at least in my actual hometown), but there are injuries and so much damage. I keep looking at pictures and it's overwhelming to see it all. It's a town of only about 4300, but estimates show there was at least 2000 extras in town, because it was an all class reunion starting this weekend. I was so glad to get out of a small, backwards town years ago, but now to realize that my high school is a mess, half the community center is torn away, and houses are completely demolished leaves me quite emotional. I keep looking and pictures and trying to figure out where it is at and then realize whole pieces are missing is why I can't figure it out at first. It's all just...stuff...and not an actual person in pieces, but it's still so overwhelming to see parts of my life...just gone or wrecked so badly.

My family (parents, older sister with her husband and two children, and younger sister with her toddler) are all physically fine and I can't even begin to describe how good that makes me feel. Also, their home and business came out intact as well. Not so good for others I care about. My mother's best friend, a woman who I call Other Mother (our families are really, really close) most of the time, because she's a huge part of my life, lost her house. She had just made it to her home and ran downstairs and the roof was literally falling in behind her. I can't even begin to describe how glad I am that she is safe and how close it was. It took so long to reach anyone after I found out and I was terrified. I finally reached my father who only had a minute or so to speak, but to be able to speak to someone helped a lot.

Right now my older sister is sitting in her home and can't leave because of a gas leak in the area. Plus her power is out like so much of the town. My younger sister is still working, because the bar/restaurant is one of the few places in town still open.

I'll be driving up in a few hours (early morning) to hopefully help out where I can...and I kind of just want to see everyone.