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Mag-Creepy Eyes

Will I ever change...That will sure be strange

Long time no post. Busy.

First off (without spoilers) my take on season finales of shows (well, the ones that have gotten to that point):

Supernatural - 50/50 for the love/hate ratio. I got over most of my problems with the thought of a promise of another season. Other folks not taking it so well. *shrugs*

Chuck - Hands down the best season finale so far this season of any show I watch. Best episodes leading to the season finale as well. The season finale just made me love the show even more and I didn't think that was possible.

Brothers & Sisters - Predictable, but for the most part I liked it. Am eager for the next season. Though, less "Justin and Rebecca Show" and more "Sarah and Luc Show" would be nice. Very nice.

Shows that are still in session:

Glee - Up and down, but mostly still enjoying it. Murphy is known (*cough*Nip/Tuck*cough*) for giving crazy storylines that sometimes work and sometimes don't, but at least it's something different. That being said after I've trolled a few threads...is it possible to love both Kurt and Rachel? They are my favorite characters from the show. *sigh* I think I'll stay on this side of fandom.

Doctor Who - My utter love of odd numbers is showing through, because I didn't know how much we needed a new direction and Doctor until Eleven showed up. I love Ten, but I think I like my Doctor with a tad more of the cranky and blunt thrown into the mix. Loving this season and while Amy isn't knocking Donna out of the running as my favorite Companion, she is coming close.

Breaking Bad - Always jaw-dropping and fabulous. Enough said.

Treme - I love the music and the acting is top-notch. Some characters are borderline annoying, but at least everyone is real. I enjoy the pace and feel of this show immensely. The show is slow (but so was The Wire, though, comparing the two would do each a disservice), but it's built realistically and wonderfully, well, at least for me (not a native to the area).

So, in my spare time I found myself rewatching all 52 episodes of Static Shock. I'm a geek inside and I love my boys being all superhero awesome, but slashy good as well. Then, I started watching Invasion America and while it's cliche and often cringe-worthy (especially within the first episode) it did get better and I wish so much that there was more than the small number of episodes. I love it when cartoons are allowed a bit of maturity.

I'm also watching Ashes to Ashes (barely started, but I love the tunes!) and will watch Life on Mars as well. No concrete opinion until I watch more. Also, don't spoil...thanks! Edit: So, don't know if I can keep watching...there's this creepy clown thing that keeps appearing. The first time it popped up (literally) I screamed bloody murder. *shudders*

Also, I've found myself falling head over heels in love with Alexander Rybak (winner of 2009's Eurovision). His winning performance:

It's pop cheesy, but the violins! And the dancers! Sometimes I just want something fun to listen to and he's definitely it. It only helps that he's utterly adorable and squishable and bloody brilliant on top of all.