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James in Black

Just Passing By...

Fun weekend.

Went to Old Chicago on Friday night with a good friend and had the best beer type drink ever. It didn't taste like beer...I don't care for most beer...it tasted like a really rich wine...it was amazing.

Went to a friend's apartment on Saturday where I stayed up til three am partying (well, I had to drink some and then sober up before I could drive ^_^). Some drama enfolded, but I stayed out of it. I love both of the peeps involved too much to take sides. Since it snowed right after I got home in the wee hours of the morning I'm so glad I chose not to spend the night at the apartment.

Headed down to the Mall of America on Sunday with a group of people, because one of my housemates received free tickets for the movie theater and the mini-golf. Saw Brothers and while it was nothing new in terms of what I learned it was well done and I enjoyed it. The children were amazing, because they acted like normal children and the small details of the film were really well done. Tobey was amazing, but for the most part I usually like him. Not a film I'm rushing to see again, because of the theme and the content, but it was worth seeing.

Mini-golf was a lot of fun since we played boys versus girls and I was suppose to be keeping track of the girls' scores, but I got bored and started drawing pictures instead. We won by a mooose, a chicken, and pi. The boys weren't happy with my judgment, but I thought it was totally fair. *nods*

There was some awkward moments while at MoA, but I just ignored them and tried to find shiny things to occupy my time with instead. I got sushi! I got seafood linguine with the best sauce ever! I GOT BUBBLE TEA! The rest of the day didn't matter after the wonders of bubble tea...which is on my list of the top ten things I miss most about my time in Japan.

Onto the telly...

Watched a couple of British miniseries over the last few days. First, Mr. 11, which was adorable and Adam Garcia was in it. I love Adam even though he played an arse. The main woman chose the right guy in the end and came to the right conclusions, which made it just a happy little romance. It was adorable and full of math stuffs, which I liked. *geek*

Also, watched Emma, which was a 2009 BBC production. It took me a while to warm up to the actress playing Emma, but I came to the conclusion that it had more to do with the character not being someone I overly liked than the actual actress. I think I might be head over heels in love with Jonny Lee Miller, so it wasn't a tough film to watch at all. He's fantastic. I enjoyed this version more so than the movie done in the 90s.