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Crafty Robin Hood

Come Ride With Me Through the Veins of History

So, due to bonobochick who clued me into this post I'm now torn between having pretty DeRo as my wallpaper or keep the Dean/Castiel one I just put up yesterday. Decisions, decisions. Maybe, I should just go back to the new!Spock/new!Kirk one I had before. Hm...

Oh, I do appreciate it bonobochick I'm just a poor Libra who can never make up her mind about anything and you've just given me another option. ^_^

Last night as I was trying to sleep (I'm one of those weird people no matter how tired I am I'll at least be awake for a half an hour before finally nodding off) I was thinking of all the television shows that I once loved and found my love waning by the end (usually to the point of wanting to throw objects at the telly). Some of the shows I stuck with some not so much. I could actually come up with a top ten.

1. Queer as Folk (US version)

Do I even need to explain the awesomeness this show started with and the complete garbage it was by the end?

2. Robin Hood (BBC)

Um, this show was never high quality, but it held good characters and the story lines were at least enjoyable. It was just fun overall and I enjoyed watching the first season episodes. The second season starting to go downhill in some ways, but I still enjoyed it and found it to be better than lot of other shows on TV at the time. The third season was garbage. Just...bad. It had moments of something, but the new characters and the end was ridiculous. I was so happy it didn't make it for a fourth season, because Robin was dead...Guy was dead...Allan was dead...Will and Djaq were far gone...and as much as I liked Much he just wasn't enough pull to keep me watching if they had continued it. I liked the actor that played Archer, but I'm not watching a show called Robin Hood about some random half-brother. Just no.

3. Prison Break

I blame this all on the breaking of the two season promise that was intact from day one. When this show first premiered I was hooked. So far hooked I looked forward to every Monday night with almost a manic glee. Even during the second season when my love had lessened a bit I still found myself appreciating it and liking it and being glad that the two year timeline was intact (for a bit). Sometime during the first part of the third season I gave up in disgust. Dang people who change their mind and have a show live past its two season promise. Two seasons is what this show needed.

4. Heroes

This show started so good until it got lost in the shuffle of new characters and inconsistent characterization and story lines. What once was great...was not so much. Somewhere during season two I realized my show was dead and probably not coming back. It took me until season three to officially break-up after I realized I was having trouble keeping up with episodes, because I was having difficulty watching them and keeping any interest.

5. Lost

I started watching this show when I was nannying and had to record it for my sister when she worked. I fell for the show, but after finding out my Kate Hate was strong and that all the characters I loved either got axed or bad story lines (like with Kate; poor Sawyer and to a lesser degree Jack) I was gone. The writers will never kill off Kate and that saddens me. Hardcore, because so many better actors and actresses got the boot well before this.

Also, the fact that the whole big mystery thing got old, because the writers thought they were giving us info, but all they were doing was being all elusive and annoying. The things they gave us were either boring or so outrageous that it was almost insulting. Big mystery done poorly. Very poorly. I'm not even sure since this show will be ending soon if I'll try find out the ending. I just don't really care anymore.

6. Smallville

This show was never destined to win awards, but the whole Lex and Clark as best friends someday to be enemies was very intriguing and Michael Rosenbaum was nice to look at and was a fairly good actor even with less than stellar co-stars (sorry, Tom Welling). As a whole it was like mind candy in a good way...never taking itself too seriously and just being a teenage/secret superhero soap. Then Lois Lane happened too soon (nothing against the actress, it was just too soon for her character) and Lana Lang just wouldn't go away. Chloe kept getting the shaft and Pete disappeared. I stopped watching sometime around season four or five. Can't recall. I always meant to catch up then I heard Rosenbaum was leaving and the show was continuing and I just couldn't stomach it. I just couldn't. I'll read the old fanfic and watch the first four seasons, thanks.

7. First Wave

For the most part the first two seasons of this show made me happy. Sebastian Spence made me very happy (though, the Donald Strachey movies have once again brought him back to me and for that I'm glad). I liked tying in Nostradamus to the Gua. Joshua and Crazy Eddie were believable characters. Season three almost seemed like a different show at times and the actress that played the new female regular just wasn't that good. Also, the character was annoying and...the story just seemed to fall flat from there on out. When it was canceled after the third season I was more than glad, because it just wasn't my show any longer.

8. The Tribe

I'm guessing only a handful of people on my f-list have even heard of this one much less seen it. New Zealand show that played on the Wham! channel in the US...part of the Starz/Encore package of channels. It started out good...well, as good as a teen driven, futuristic sci-fi soap opera could be. The outfits, hair, and facial paint were awesome and the story lines were cheesy and angsty and I liked it. A lot. Hell, my mother watched it with me after I got her hooked.

The Chosen came and they made sense in that world. The Technos came and not so much. I tried. I really did and I liked some of the characters and actors that came along with the Technos, but they just didn't make sense and the whole feeling of primal survival of teenagers and children was gone. Virus? What Virus? We have VR bitches! Um, no. The feel of the show went away. Zoot would be turning over in his grave. Yes, he would.

9. Dark Angel

When this show first premiered I was hooked. It was good. Jessica Alba might not be the greatest actress ever, but her character on here didn't have to stretch too far in terms of emotions (usually) and she made it work. Playing a tough, sarcastic woman with very little tenderness is easier than many of the roles she's tried to play since. Sometime during season two I got bored and stopped watching...so did a lot of other people and it was axed. Maybe, I should give the second season another try...or maybe not.

10. Forever Knight

Vampires done right. In Canada. As a cop. With flashbacks. Kind of slashy. Happiness ensues from me. Then season three came and half the cast seemed to switch out. Sadness from me. New partner. New captain. Where did Janette go? I was around the age of ten when this was on and I can still remember just not being as happy by the third season and the ending just made me sort of sad...anti-climatic. Poor Nick. Poor Lacroix. Hell, poor Natalie. Ten year old me almost cried. Almost.

Honorable mentions:

Gargoyles was going to be number ten until I realized I actually enjoyed the Goliath Chronicles. Maybe, not nearly as much as the other seasons, but they weren't terrible. The show was so damn good and definitely smarter than so many US animations. I mean, a mixture of world mythology, Shakespeare, and modern day happenings in a cartoon all rolled together should go terribly wrong, but it doesn't. There should be more US animations like this one.

As the World Turns and then I realized it was never quite that good...and then I sort of forgive it, but poor Luke/Noah.

Verbotene Liebe, but this time I realized I didn't exactly dislike it I just find it highly boring lately. Christian and Ollie have boring story lines, but not nearly as dumb as poor Luke and Noah here in the US.

Alles Was Zahlt would have been on this list about six months ago, because...well, I actually haven't been able to make it through all the "Dark Days". Now, magic has happened and the episodes make me all bubbly inside. For serious.

The OC
probably should be on there, but I wasn't head over heels in love with the first season to begin with. Mischa Barton doesn't win any brownie points with me no matter how adorable almost every other character was during that first season.

One Tree Hill until I thought about how I never really gave more than the first season a chance (I got busy!) and while I haven't liked the bits and pieces I've seen and heard about since I really can't judge the show too harshly until I've seen a bit more of the rest.

Nip/Tuck, but I'm still watching it and it shows shimmers of goodness. It's like garbage for my mind. It was always a show built on sensational things happening and we've all become immune to that and the show has lost its glimmer. Poor show, but I feel more sad for it then angry at the downward spiral.

So, I'm curious what shows went from love to hate for you? What shows did I miss? I know I missed something. I just know it.


Smallville, Smallville, and Smallville. By the end of S4 I hated EVERY CHARACTER and EVERY EPISODE. So glad I still enjoy the first 3 seasons, though.

QAF I only hated the last two episodes (minus the Hunter bits). Sigh sigh sigh.

There was also that moment of love turned to hate that I had at the end of Angel S4....

And I fear the possibility of the same thing happening for me with SPN.

(I did like all of Dark Angel though, I would say give S2 another whirl, since that's the last of the show.)
Smallville should have had an expiration date...many seasons ago.

We'll just have to agree to disagree on QaF, because I'm never going to really think much more than the first season was that good and I let the (original and superior!) UK version of the claim on that one, because of the heavy borrowing during that time. I liked parts of all seasons after that, but I was more angry at the TV and amused by the horrendous story lines.

I've actually been thinking about giving Dark Angel another shot just for my Jensen love. I mean, I watched every movie with Chris Pine (♥) in it...even the second Princess Diaries I should be able to do it.

I'm always afraid SPN will fall short, but amazed that five seasons in I'm still hooked. I still find the show amazing and original. Some of the episodes are not quite as good, but for the most part I still feel like the writers and actors care. New episode Thursdays still make my week complete. Now, maybe I should make a list of shows that didn't disappoint after time...

My biggest fandom secret is the fact that I really don't like anything Joss Whedon has done. A couple of episodes of Buffy amused me (but I didn't get the whole appeal overall) and I have to say Angel was the most watchable (probably saw at least a dozen episodes and that's saying something for me), but Serenity almost put me to sleep with the cliche sci-fi-ness it exuded. I didn't even give Dollhouse a chance knowing my track record. Knocking Joss is probably blasphemy in most fandom circles, but I just can't jump on board.

Oh God, YES to Heroes. I didn't finally give up on it until this season, which is clearly some kind of battered-fangirl syndrome at work, but seriously. When you want every single character to get kicked in the nuts, it's time to break it off.

Smallville coasted by for years on the whole Lex/Clark thing, but once they broke up and the TRAINWRECK that was Lex/Lana started, I was out of there.

However, my purest, most refined love-turned-to-hate has got to be Buffy. What started out as the best thing I had ever seen on TV became a weekly torture session after season three. I watched right to the end, and I never stopped hoping it would improve, but seriously, seasons four to seven were the bitterest let-down in TV history.
In my world Clark and Lex are still screwing like bunnies. True story.
I'd put it up on my own computer except that I already have another DeRo pic up. =D
Too much shiny!