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Leather What? - Tinman

"Cock and Squirt"

'Cock and Squirt' are not 'Kirk and Spock' no matter what my addled brain thinks. I don't even know where it came from...I've never used it...but it just rolled off the tongue like it was meant to be said like that. My co-workers already think I'm just a hop and skip away from a mental institution I really didn't need to add more fuel to the fire. My mouth and brain never really did learn to communicate well together. Embarrassed? Me? Not really since it's not the first time I've looked like an idiot in public...and it won't be the last...sadly.

Did I mention I have a new pretty super duper computer? Well, I do. It's a built machine and I'm really loving it. I wanted a Mac, but since my mother was meeting me most of the way on it as a gift I wasn't going to be greedy. It's a built machine by a guy who I really trust and can rely on to stand behind his stuff.

Really happy about the Casey and Cappie stuff, but I really, really love Max and I'm so sad to see him hurt. The writers did a good job breaking my heart with this one. Poor Rusty who looks up to and admires both Max and Cappie.

I'm glad that Calvin looks to be heading for another relationship. I really enjoyed his character with both Heath and Michael. I'm also glad he is dating around, because so often gay characters seem to get settled right away or never seem to date at all. I also love how this season has more Heath time...Heath going into a medical field and is also super smart? Awesome. I'm thinking Heath won't be around too much longer being so the episode before mentioned he was going to be graduating at the end of the semester. Sad, but I see why he got more screen time lately.

Oh, and Dale playing Calvin's boyfriend? Wonderful. Dale irritates me, but I can't help, but like so many of his scenes for the fact that he's so over-the-top. This is ABC Family and doesn't dwell too much on the fact that Dale's faults, but make them out to be more comedic than anything else.

Gregory Michael...um, yes. I will admit to watching Dante's Cove (dirty and cheesy show in a good I shouldn't watch it, but I can't stop sort of way) and I'm more than happy to see him again...even though a bit less of him...usually. Play gay on Here! and then play gay on ABC Family...what a turn around, but I can't help but find it hilarious.

I'm so glad the next season seems to be coming so quickly. *bounces*

Now, to go find something shiny to occupy my attention...^_^