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Jun. 25th, 2010

Let's Bloo This

Update on the Tornado

Wadena has a population of 4300, which is so very small, but it sounds even more in the middle of nowhere when I mention that it is the biggest town in a forty-five mile radius. I couldn't wait to leave town when I graduated and never look back. Well, a natural disaster taking out a good portion of the town will instill a bit of hometown pride or so I've found out. I've never wanted my hometown to make national news in this way. It hurt to look at the destruction and realize how close my sister was to the worse of it (the only reason they didn't get a tree through their place was because a power line was holding it up) and in that part of the city she had to get a pass to be able to travel in and out of her home and neighborhood. I look at my parents' place (on the opposite side of town) and see how it went right through their backyard and took out neighboring houses less than a half mile away. I look at the woman who's been like a second mother all my life and I'm helping her sort through the wreckage of her home and all I can think about is how lucky everyone is and how encompassing the storms were as each of these places that are nowhere near each other.

I can't believe the number of volunteers that have come forward to help. Moving out trees (and how sad I am to realize there is literally no trees left in a whole corner of town...old, old trees just gone) and then moving onto what is help of hundreds of homes and businesses. I know personally people who have no ties to anybody in that area yet they're spending their free time helping. So far they've had if not enough volunteers too many and that warms my heart to think that so many people actually care. Also, many who can't help have donated things that the workers need and things that families who are affected need. I cry looking at what happened, but that's offset by the fact how grateful I am to so many who care.

I spent a couple of days helping and I'm thinking of going back tomorrow, because it's suppose to be the big day of clean-up called WoW (Workers of Wadena). My oldest sister will also be in town with her family (parents were suppose to visit her, but they really can't at the moment, so they're coming to see them instead) and it would be nice to have all three of my sisters and their families together.

Jun. 18th, 2010

Mag-Creepy Eyes

Material Things Can Be Replaced, But It Still Hurts

I'm trying to keep it together, but I don't think I can stop shaking...I haven't since I logged onto Facebook and read all the posts. I didn't even know I cared that much about my hometown, but around five pm a tornado ran through it causing so much destruction. No one is dead (at least in my actual hometown), but there are injuries and so much damage. I keep looking at pictures and it's overwhelming to see it all. It's a town of only about 4300, but estimates show there was at least 2000 extras in town, because it was an all class reunion starting this weekend. I was so glad to get out of a small, backwards town years ago, but now to realize that my high school is a mess, half the community center is torn away, and houses are completely demolished leaves me quite emotional. I keep looking and pictures and trying to figure out where it is at and then realize whole pieces are missing is why I can't figure it out at first. It's all just...stuff...and not an actual person in pieces, but it's still so overwhelming to see parts of my life...just gone or wrecked so badly.

My family (parents, older sister with her husband and two children, and younger sister with her toddler) are all physically fine and I can't even begin to describe how good that makes me feel. Also, their home and business came out intact as well. Not so good for others I care about. My mother's best friend, a woman who I call Other Mother (our families are really, really close) most of the time, because she's a huge part of my life, lost her house. She had just made it to her home and ran downstairs and the roof was literally falling in behind her. I can't even begin to describe how glad I am that she is safe and how close it was. It took so long to reach anyone after I found out and I was terrified. I finally reached my father who only had a minute or so to speak, but to be able to speak to someone helped a lot.

Right now my older sister is sitting in her home and can't leave because of a gas leak in the area. Plus her power is out like so much of the town. My younger sister is still working, because the bar/restaurant is one of the few places in town still open.

I'll be driving up in a few hours (early morning) to hopefully help out where I can...and I kind of just want to see everyone.

May. 26th, 2010

Mag-Creepy Eyes

Will I ever change...That will sure be strange

Long time no post. Busy.

First off (without spoilers) my take on season finales of shows (well, the ones that have gotten to that point):

Supernatural - 50/50 for the love/hate ratio. I got over most of my problems with the thought of a promise of another season. Other folks not taking it so well. *shrugs*

Chuck - Hands down the best season finale so far this season of any show I watch. Best episodes leading to the season finale as well. The season finale just made me love the show even more and I didn't think that was possible.

Brothers & Sisters - Predictable, but for the most part I liked it. Am eager for the next season. Though, less "Justin and Rebecca Show" and more "Sarah and Luc Show" would be nice. Very nice.

Shows that are still in session:

Glee - Up and down, but mostly still enjoying it. Murphy is known (*cough*Nip/Tuck*cough*) for giving crazy storylines that sometimes work and sometimes don't, but at least it's something different. That being said after I've trolled a few threads...is it possible to love both Kurt and Rachel? They are my favorite characters from the show. *sigh* I think I'll stay on this side of fandom.

Doctor Who - My utter love of odd numbers is showing through, because I didn't know how much we needed a new direction and Doctor until Eleven showed up. I love Ten, but I think I like my Doctor with a tad more of the cranky and blunt thrown into the mix. Loving this season and while Amy isn't knocking Donna out of the running as my favorite Companion, she is coming close.

Breaking Bad - Always jaw-dropping and fabulous. Enough said.

Treme - I love the music and the acting is top-notch. Some characters are borderline annoying, but at least everyone is real. I enjoy the pace and feel of this show immensely. The show is slow (but so was The Wire, though, comparing the two would do each a disservice), but it's built realistically and wonderfully, well, at least for me (not a native to the area).

So, in my spare time I found myself rewatching all 52 episodes of Static Shock. I'm a geek inside and I love my boys being all superhero awesome, but slashy good as well. Then, I started watching Invasion America and while it's cliche and often cringe-worthy (especially within the first episode) it did get better and I wish so much that there was more than the small number of episodes. I love it when cartoons are allowed a bit of maturity.

I'm also watching Ashes to Ashes (barely started, but I love the tunes!) and will watch Life on Mars as well. No concrete opinion until I watch more. Also, don't spoil...thanks! Edit: So, don't know if I can keep watching...there's this creepy clown thing that keeps appearing. The first time it popped up (literally) I screamed bloody murder. *shudders*

Also, I've found myself falling head over heels in love with Alexander Rybak (winner of 2009's Eurovision). His winning performance:

It's pop cheesy, but the violins! And the dancers! Sometimes I just want something fun to listen to and he's definitely it. It only helps that he's utterly adorable and squishable and bloody brilliant on top of all.

Mar. 5th, 2010

Let's Bloo This

After Their Mock Twitter War for Best Gay Poll All I Want...

...is for John Barrowman and Neil Patrick Harris to do something creative-like together. With the news that Neil is doing a stunt gig on Glee and that there's a strong possibility that John will be on the show somewhere down the road I really wish they would be on the show together...and sing...together. It would be perfect. I would die happy. Yes, yes I would. ^_^

Dec. 23rd, 2009

James in Black

Just Passing By...

Fun weekend.

Went to Old Chicago on Friday night with a good friend and had the best beer type drink ever. It didn't taste like beer...I don't care for most beer...it tasted like a really rich wine...it was amazing.

Went to a friend's apartment on Saturday where I stayed up til three am partying (well, I had to drink some and then sober up before I could drive ^_^). Some drama enfolded, but I stayed out of it. I love both of the peeps involved too much to take sides. Since it snowed right after I got home in the wee hours of the morning I'm so glad I chose not to spend the night at the apartment.

Headed down to the Mall of America on Sunday with a group of people, because one of my housemates received free tickets for the movie theater and the mini-golf. Saw Brothers and while it was nothing new in terms of what I learned it was well done and I enjoyed it. The children were amazing, because they acted like normal children and the small details of the film were really well done. Tobey was amazing, but for the most part I usually like him. Not a film I'm rushing to see again, because of the theme and the content, but it was worth seeing.

Mini-golf was a lot of fun since we played boys versus girls and I was suppose to be keeping track of the girls' scores, but I got bored and started drawing pictures instead. We won by a mooose, a chicken, and pi. The boys weren't happy with my judgment, but I thought it was totally fair. *nods*

There was some awkward moments while at MoA, but I just ignored them and tried to find shiny things to occupy my time with instead. I got sushi! I got seafood linguine with the best sauce ever! I GOT BUBBLE TEA! The rest of the day didn't matter after the wonders of bubble tea...which is on my list of the top ten things I miss most about my time in Japan.

Onto the telly...

Watched a couple of British miniseries over the last few days. First, Mr. 11, which was adorable and Adam Garcia was in it. I love Adam even though he played an arse. The main woman chose the right guy in the end and came to the right conclusions, which made it just a happy little romance. It was adorable and full of math stuffs, which I liked. *geek*

Also, watched Emma, which was a 2009 BBC production. It took me a while to warm up to the actress playing Emma, but I came to the conclusion that it had more to do with the character not being someone I overly liked than the actual actress. I think I might be head over heels in love with Jonny Lee Miller, so it wasn't a tough film to watch at all. He's fantastic. I enjoyed this version more so than the movie done in the 90s.

Dec. 16th, 2009

Graverobber Grinning

Because Link Still Makes Me Feel Nine Years Old & Gleeful

I hate awkward situations. I hate that I'm smack dab in the middle of one. Why am I magnet for trainwrecks?

In good news I finally have money coming in again. Makes the holidays a big brighter. Especially with how bloody cold it is lately.

Um, more of my f-list clearly need to start watching Dexter, because after that finale there should have been way more buzz.

So, I realize once again I'm easily distracted, because this morning I started looking for my camera's plug-in battery charger and I found my old Game Boy Color (I've owned every version of Game Boy since the original gray clunker when I was nine-including the new DS versions) with Zelda (blue 'Ages' version) in it. It takes me two hours of nostalgic game play to remember what I was suppose to be doing. I'm hopeless.

*back to the Epic Search That Shall Only Fail Again*
Crafty Robin Hood

Come Ride With Me Through the Veins of History

So, due to bonobochick who clued me into this post I'm now torn between having pretty DeRo as my wallpaper or keep the Dean/Castiel one I just put up yesterday. Decisions, decisions. Maybe, I should just go back to the new!Spock/new!Kirk one I had before. Hm...

Oh, I do appreciate it bonobochick I'm just a poor Libra who can never make up her mind about anything and you've just given me another option. ^_^

Last night as I was trying to sleep (I'm one of those weird people no matter how tired I am I'll at least be awake for a half an hour before finally nodding off) I was thinking of all the television shows that I once loved and found my love waning by the end (usually to the point of wanting to throw objects at the telly). Some of the shows I stuck with some not so much. I could actually come up with a top ten.

Ten shows that went from love to hate...Collapse )

So, I'm curious what shows went from love to hate for you? What shows did I miss? I know I missed something. I just know it.

Jun. 28th, 2009

Digi Cute

(no subject)

So, I was camping all weekend. I've never been camping before, so for the most part it was an interesting experience. Though, apparently I'm a sleepwalker...at four am...in the pouring rain. I circled the tent and came back thankfully. I've been known to sleepwalk, but the last time I can specifically remember doing so was in junior high.

I liked Transformers 2. Not loved, but liked. Actually, I hadn't seen the first one until that afternoon and I went to the midnight premiere, so I might have been too tired to really have much of an opinion besides I know I enjoyed it and the actions sequences got too long for my taste. I'm heading out to see it again today...even though I just got back from camping and I'm so tired...again. Sleep? What's that?

Went to a dueling piano bar on Thursday night. It was awesome even though there was a teacher's conference going on and those very teachers had been drinking four hours since the show started...they were at least entertaining. ^_^

Question...does anyone know when the next Doctor Who movie is playing or when Torchwood is going to start? I'm glad to see Dexter and Entourage are coming back soon, but I feel like I'm in a void for tv shows right now. I need to catch up on Heroes, but that's it. I want something new. =(

Jun. 22nd, 2009

Claudia & Ben

Where I Go On and On About Farscape...

It was hot...and sticky out today. Probably the worse we've had so far this summer/spring. Spring was pretty mild with snow holding on and summer so far has been not too warm, but not too much rain...well, yesterday it rained and the humidity went through the roof leaving everything so icky. I guess I wouldn't complain so much, but I work outside...that means eight hours in the sun today with all the stickiness and heat with tomorrow being supposedly just as bad.

I'm now suitably crabby and all I wanted to do when I got home was watch Farscape, because if Ben Browder in leather duds doesn't cheer me up nothing will.

And you know what? It sort of worked.

I've been watching Farscape the last few weeks from the beginning. I hold that show in high regard and consider it my very favorite of favorite shows. It trumps Supernatural and Doctor Who and any other show I wax poetic on. I really, really love Farscape, but in all my love I won't get into the fandom or read any fanfiction, because that would just be tainting what I enjoyed so much.

With all that I realize there was season one episodes I had never seen. I've never done this sort of marathon with my DVDs where I've watched every season. I've always just picked certain episodes I've wanted to watch or ones that I'm nostalgic for. I also didn't get into the show until a couple of episodes into the first season and back then I was in high school and super busy. I didn't always have time to watch the show and while I tried to tape things (before the days of DVR/Tivo being everywhere and being able to watch online was nonexistent) and catch up I now am realizing I missed about three episodes in the shuffle. I'm appalled that I've went this long praising the show without realizing that my viewing of it is incomplete.

Even though it's been six years since the show went off the air (and cut short besides) I must say I still find it relevant and I totally got into as I watched a couple of episodes each night. I'm about half way through the fourth season and once again I'm sad that I'm so close to the end. I did this with the very last episode of Farscape when it first aired...I taped it (was on a trip to Washington DC at the time) and then just couldn't get myself to watch it. It took well over a year til I actually sat down and watched it. While Peacekeeper Wars helped by giving an ending I still felt cheated out of the promised fifth season.

*runs back to watch the leather arse*

Jun. 21st, 2009

Leather What? - Tinman

"Cock and Squirt"

'Cock and Squirt' are not 'Kirk and Spock' no matter what my addled brain thinks. I don't even know where it came from...I've never used it...but it just rolled off the tongue like it was meant to be said like that. My co-workers already think I'm just a hop and skip away from a mental institution I really didn't need to add more fuel to the fire. My mouth and brain never really did learn to communicate well together. Embarrassed? Me? Not really since it's not the first time I've looked like an idiot in public...and it won't be the last...sadly.

Did I mention I have a new pretty super duper computer? Well, I do. It's a built machine and I'm really loving it. I wanted a Mac, but since my mother was meeting me most of the way on it as a gift I wasn't going to be greedy. It's a built machine by a guy who I really trust and can rely on to stand behind his stuff.

Greek ThoughtsCollapse )

Now, to go find something shiny to occupy my attention...^_^

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